* Movie Mistakes in Star Wars 4 *

 * Note: THESE MISTAKES WERE SPOTTED BY A PERSON WHO HAS SEEN THIS FILM WAY TO MANY TIMES!! SO DO NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT NOT SEEING THEM BEFORE!. * 1. In the scene at the end of the very first battle, where Imperial troops have just taken control of Princess Leia's rebel ship, Darth Vader breaks the neck of the rebel leader and tosses his body to the wall. The "dead" rebel puts up both of his hands to avoid slamming his face into the wall. 2. When Darth Vader and Ben are fighting, Darth's chest plate is on backwards. 3. When the Tuskan Raiders are seen raiding Luke's speeder, you can actually see the wheels or at least whatever is holding it up off the ground. 4. Twice during the lightsaber duel, Ben and Vader inexplicably change sabers as the color jumps from one sword to another. Vader is swinging the blue sword while Ben holds the red one. 5. When Luke is in Obi-Wan's house trying Anakin's lightsaber, the coat behind him keeps appearing and disappearing. 6. When Obi-wan and Luke are watching the hologram of Princess Leia projected onto a small table, the objects on the table change position and number in each shot. 7. If you watch in slow-mo right before Han Solo shoots Greedo, you can see that Greedo has been replaced with a faker looking goofy dummy just before he explodes. 8. When they are leaving Mos Eisley Han wears gloves, but when he pulls the lever to jump into hyperspace, they disappear. 9. When Luke uses the comlink to call up C-3PO to ask how to get out of the detention block, a rack with 3 blasters can be seen in the control room. But right before the stormtroopers enter the control room, there are suddenly 4. 10. When the stormtroopers break into the control room, the stormtrooper on the right of the screen hits his head on the door frame. On the DVD release they've added a thump when he hits it.

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