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The Simpson Movie

The long running sitcom The Simpson hit theaters last summer. The show has been on-air for 17 seasons and just now the creaters were able to release a feature length film. We all know the characters of the film Bart, Homer, Lisa, Marg, and Maggie. The story is addresses the pollution problem in the Springfield lake; everyhing is fine till Homer dumps some waste into the river making the river a hazard, so the city is closer off in a giant bubble,  the family escapes to Alaska for an attempt at a new start.  Life is fine for the Simpson till they relize they need to save their city.  Needless to say the family saves Springfield and all is right with the world.

The movie is worth watching, but I couldn’t get over the feeling that this was an extended episode and not a full length film. There are several jokes and depite the need for things to push the envelope the film delightfully doesn’t do so.  This is also a movie that you can enjoy with your child.

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I'm a recent college graduate that majored in communications and minored in film studies. I'm currently writing my own screenplay. I (naturally) enjoy going to the movies and watching sports. I'm from the midwest and some of my favorite movies are Clue, The Wedding Singer, Beetle Juice, and Shrek just to name a few.

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  1. Derek Fleek says:

    Good synopsis. The review is a little too short for my taste but well written. I enjoyed the simpsons movie also.


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