Best Movies of the Year (So Far) 2011 Edition

This year, I was honestly surprised. I have seen quite a few movies, and I have yet to find a movie that I have found utterly atrocious. Though there were many that were close (for example, The Roommate, dear lord), there has been a wealth of greatness in this year's line-up. Surprisingly, the movies I saw were lined up in a greatest-of order that I predicted at the beginning of the year (so my mind actually did what I thought it would? Wow). So, without further adeiu, here's my ballot for the year's best in film (so far). Movies I have not seen and shall omit from this with a simple "honorable mention": The Tree of Life, Thor, Cedar Rapids, Battle: LA, Fast Five, Scream 4, Pirates: On Stranger Tides, Green Lantern, Paul. >>>>Best Picture: Nominees - SuckerPunch Limitless Water For Elephants Source Code The Adjustment Bureau X-Men: First Class Super 8 Winner - Source Code. The movie has so much hidden in it that I felt like I was watching an homage to Inception with its own little tweaking on the idea of reality. Great movie. >>>>Best Screenplay: Nominees - Water For Elephants Source Code Super 8 X-Men: First Class Limitless SuckerPunch Winner - Source Code. Most witty and interesting script of the year. >>>>Best Supporting Actor: Winner - Oscar Isaac - Blue Jones - SuckerPunch. This man was PHENOMENAL in this role. Amazing, and he needs to be acknowledged more. >>>>Best Score, Original: Winner - Source Code. Dear god is all I can say about this one. Beautiful and astounding score, though it BARELY beat, in my mind, James Newton Howard's great job on Water For Elephants. >>>>Best Soundtrack: Winner - SuckerPunch. No other film had as good a soundtrack as this one. Its reinterpretations are simply amazing, and should be looked into. >>>>Best Cinematography: Winner - Source Code. AMAZING damn shots, people. AMAZING. That's all for now, everyone. I'll inform you all in December or January my full list. So comment if you want if you feel different. If not, then just enjoy the read, and have a good day.


  1. Source Code sounds interesting, I wasn’t sure from the previews if it was just another generic sci fi flick.

  2. I really need to see Source Code! Can’t believe i missed that one when it was in cinema’s, will be buying it on dvd straight away!

  3. Source Code is genius. Duncan Jones (Moon director, and son of rocker David Bowie) does something odd that works FLAWLESSLY. He makes you WANT Gyllenhaal to go back. He makes you want him to find new things. The score and writing and shots are amazing, and it is really just a great film. I’d 100% recommend buying it the DAY it comes out on July 26.

  4. Source Code? One word – brilliant. However I was suprised to see Sucker Punch up there (then again I haven’t actually seen it). But I think I might dare say I enjoyed First Class more than Source Code. This year’s X-Men went far beyond, I think, everyone’s expectations.

  5. it did. I just think Source Code is… better haha. It was stunning, and (though Moon already did in my opinion) it made Duncan Jones a true noteable director in Hollywood.

  6. Very true.

  7. Source Code is amazing, thumbs up.. level up.. or whatever you call it. No further comment.

  8. hahha appreciate the agreed decision haha.

  9. Scratch that, best score goes to Super 8. Best screenplay = a tie between Source Code and Super 8.

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