‘Green Lantern’ Review

This summer’s newest blockbuster is here with ‘Green Lantern’, a comic book movie about a group of intergalactic “space cops” known as the Green Lantern Corp. who battle all forms of evil with their power rings. The movie primarily revolves around Hal Jordan, the first human to receive a power ring and join the ranks of the Corp, as he discovers his new powers fights with himself as to whether he truly deserves this power and responsibility. The movie stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, and was directed by ‘Casino Royale’ director Martin Campbell.

The acting in this movie is very solid with performances that could’ve been excellent, I’m looking at you Sarsgaard, and stuck out above the rest, had the script been better. To put it simply, the writing here was just bad. The film’s dialogue consist mostly of expository lines trying to explain everything while still leaving many questions and actions in the movie unanswered. There’s also quite a few moments were someone or something conveniently shows up or happens. All these moments just seem lazy and make you ask why?

Another problem I had with this movie was the effects or lack of. This movie is very much like the ‘Fantastic Four’ movie in that there’s really only one fight that takes place and it doesn’t occur until the end of the film and then fails to deliver anything worth talking about. Every action scene also seems very rushed, making you want more. Normally that would be a great thing except they don’t give you much more and at the end you’re just disappointed. Something else that really bothered me was the lack of other Lanterns in the film. You do catch a few glimpses of other Lanterns but you never learn anything at all about any of them except for the names of a few of them and that two of them were good friends. You also don’t every really get to see much of the Corps home base OA. I suppose this is a good thing since the effects there were horrible and pulled me right out of the film. It just felt like they were in front of a green screen or that you were just looking at a painting and not a place were all these creatures live and train.

I went into this movie really wanting to like it, but overall it wasn’t very good. The plethora of bad writing and poor special effects make this movie hard to watch and not quite worth the price of a movie ticket. I do however recommend that everybody who is a Ryan Reynolds or Green Lantern fan check this out as a rental because I’m sure you’ll get some enjoyment out of this film as I did.

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  1. cillianmac says:

    I disagree that the acting is solid across the board in this film. This “solid” acting leaves the audience feeling empty and certainly left me with no emotional attachment to any of the characters. They deliver their lines with a tedious inevitability. 3 stars is also a bit high to give a film that was not worth the price of a ticket which I definitely agree with. Very disappointing that this came from the director of the fantastic Casino Royale.

  2. I thought the delivery of the lines was decent enough but that the lines themselves were the problem. As for my rating, I don’t like giving ratings and when I do I base it on a one to ten scale and so my three is really just a 6/10, which I thought was fair enough. Although my higher rating may have to do with my excitement of seeing Green Lantern on the big screen lol.

  3. I wanted to see this movie, but it seems it’s turned out as I expected it would. Martin Campbell is a good director but… let me guess: the movie was slow, the events were very “well, I called that one,” and the acting was subpar outside of the big three: the hero, the villian, and the damsel?

  4. villain*

  5. Hehe sounds to me like you already saw the movie. Your sum up really did nail it, just swap out the damsel for Mark Strong.

  6. As a comic book fan I know that not every story was told. Green Lantern’s story and origin is very hard and tricky to put into one film, especially Hal Jordan’s. Hal is one of the most unique out of all the Lanterns. Alot of people are blaming the actors, mostly Ryan Reynolds for destroying the movie. But you have to look at it from another view. Yes, we all know that Ryan Reynolds should have played The Flash aka Wally West, but Hal Jordan in the comics is very cocky, a smart ass and very immature, and that is Ryan Reynolds’ attitude. So basically he was a great Hal Jordan. Blake Lively was very one dimensional, which made the on screen chemistry hard to pull off. The story was told very well, but there were alot of things that could’ve been better. It’s so hard to tell Green Lantern’s roots in one film like I said. Most critics don’t understand that. Most of the time it’s not the actors, it’s the writers. They did the best they could with what they had and the direction they were given. Mark Strong owned as Sinestro and i’d like to see a sequel or more to this film to tell more stories.

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