Had there not been “The Hangover” in 2009 how would the audience have reacted to the “The Hangover 2”?  I presume with arms wide open. I would have loved it and I would have said that it is by far one the best fast paced comedies of its kind. However this is not the same when you are a sequel! Its always a tough challenge to any director, writer or even the actors when patching a sequel. Especially if the 1st installment was a worldwide crazy hit and was accepted into our hearts and cherished dearly for us “The Hangover” fans. I will write this off with my verdict for a change. I scored tickets with the greatest difficulty and managed a screening in Dubai. Whatever said and done even after a week since its premier, tickets were selling of so fast even though it was on multiple screens. I walked out very happy. I found the movie funny, I found entertaining (Apart from a few scenes that were cut off from the censorship) it was almost as good as the first. But had there not been a 1st it would have been brilliant. So for starters, if you have not yet watched it, cancel all your most valued appointments and go score some tickets and watch how the wolf pack royally screws up in beautiful Thailand!

It’s Stus’ time for marriage this time round; seems like this guy is like a rabbit, getting a round pretty fast and loves the ladies. The Wolf pack heads on down to Thailand for the wedding and since they had all learnt their lesson in Las Vegas, everyone decided to take it easy on the whole bachelors party and settled down for one beer each. This is all the synopsis I can spare, anything more than that , you have to watch it!

Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Justin Bratha & Zach Galifianakis brings down the roof with there outstanding performances. They are equally supported by Ken Jeong & Mason Lee. These few men truly bring Thailand and Bangkok and the chaos to our feet. I am so glad that none of the original cast was replaced or none of the characters were removed. It would have been better is Justin Bartha got more screen time, either way it worked. Pulling the acting off to meet the heights of the 2009 release or in my opinion even better than the 2009 these men truly are a gifted bunch with a methodical approach to the performances. Although some of the humorous moments were always with Zach’s lines, the interdependency on each other reactions really worked in this movie.

Todd Philips has smashed it out of the ball park again. I firmly believe moving the story to Thailand was a very wise idea. Although the storyline on its own is more of a parody than an original , the change of location really works. What I mostly dislike in sequels is when everything happens so similar to the previous that its almost predictable. Good call on the location!

Seems like everything falls into place with this sequel! The Acting, writing and direction and even location!

 The next most important question is what will the 3rd addition be like? Yes there is going to be a 3rd addition as per the gossip in Hollywood. I hope it comes out as an original since the whole bachelor party concept has been milked out dry.

Title: The Hangover Part II

Directed by: Todd Phillips

Starring: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong & Mason Lee

Rated: PG 18 (UAE)


102 Mins