This has been the most highly anticipated movie of the year for me!  Must say, I was a little disappointed.  It wasn’t the acting that left me disillusioned but rather the story line.

Blue Valentine stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams as husband and wife.  This is a raw rendition of how two people love and then fall out of love.  It is frightfully real and one can lose sight of the fact that it’s a move because love simply doesn’t happen like ‘this’ in the movies.  I wonder if that’s why I was left thwarted?  After Gosling’s performance in The Notebook, expectations of this love story were exceptionally high.

The story focuses on these two main characters and it shifts from past to present.  Neither of these beautiful stars are the glamorzones we see on the red carpet. They both appear rather unkempt and rugged looking, which added further to the authenticity of this story. One has to admire Gosling’s character for sticking by Williams through an attempted abortion then pregnancy.  Whilst there are certain character admirations, for the most part, Gosling’s character is unlikeable and rather irritating.

Their acting skills are of the highest quality.  I felt every emotion portrayed!  The scene in the ‘future room’ where Gosling is trying to re-kindle their love is powerful. One feels enormous pity for him as we watch his wife clench her fists whilst he makes love to her.

This is not your typical tale of a couple drifting apart because one or the other has a secret lover. It is quintessentially about outgrowing your partner. When there’s a child involved, it’s a harder bitter pill to swallow.

I didn’t feel the chemistry between husband and wife, even when they were ‘in love’, but their individual characters and emotions were heartfelt indeed!

I don’t think that this is a movie for everyone, even if you’re a Gosling/Williams fan. You may even find it a bit slow. But if you’re looking for harsh reality, then this one’s for you.