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Rango (voiced by Johnny Depp) is a pet lizard who gets stranded in the desert when his aquarium falls out of his owner’s car. Trying to get his bearing Rango meets Beans (Isla Fisher) who takes him back to her town called Dirt, which is inhabited by different animals.

The citizens of Dirt are to not too drawn to Rango, the newcomer, initially. However when Rango begins to dazzle them thanks to his way with words, he soon becomes the sheriff of the town.

Being sheriff would normally be a good deal for a newcomer, unfortunately the town of Dirt has got problems beyond Rango’s expectation including the absence of water in the community and the theft of the last reserve by outlaws. To get the water reserve back, Rango leaves the town with a number of animals and it is on this journey that Rango experiences the adventure of a lifetime.

This cartoon is has got a likable plot, lots of funny characters and scenes which most people look forward to seeing in animated movies like this. I recommend this one for all lovers of animated movies for it is truly a great piece of work.

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