Reviewed: Super [2010]

TBA – 96mins – Action/Comedy/Drama – 10th June 2011

Right from the off the premise of this movie appeals to me. I was happy with Kick-Ass and the slightly more realistic approach that they made their ‘super’ hero take and with Super this promise of an even more ordinary man coming off the streets to fight crime made me want to watch it as soon as possible.

Frank (Rainn Wilson) is just your ordinary bloke living an altogether uneventful life with few happy memories- 2 to be precise. He lives with his beautiful wife Sarah (Liv Tyler), a recovering drug addict, and works as a burger flipper in a diner. When Sarah relapses and leaves him for Jacques (Kevin Bacon), the local drug dealer, Frank is devastated and believes she was stolen from him.

A chance viewing of a religious hero The Holy Avenger (Nathan Fillion) on TV implants the ‘Good Vs. Evil’ concept into his mind and before long Frank has an epiphany deciding that justice must be delivered, not only to Jacques but to all wrongdoers who happen to cross his path.Seeking inspiration for his new identity he travels to the local comic book store where he meets Libby (Ellen Page) who inadvertently helps him on his way. Whereas Batman had the gadgets, Spider-man had the web and Superman could do most anything, Frank’s creation- The Crimson Bolt takes the best weapon award of all time with, that’s right, a monkey wrench!!

The reality of the characters, much like the wrench, hits home on more than one occasion and for the people, me included, who initially compared it to Kick-Ass well you could not be much further from the mark. This film stands on its own and is a lot grittier giving the viewer an insight into the potential of the warped human psyche whilst toying with depression and other emotions too. This is the ‘deHollywoodized’ version and it would only take a small step for you to imagine this on your local news channel in the real world.

Although Wilson gives a very solid performance it is Page that I was more surprised and fascinated by. Having mostly featured as her ‘Juno’ type character in other works it was refreshing to see her in a slightly different role you will not have seen her do before bringing out an anxious and psychotic personality which becomes even more extreme after she dons her Boltie sidekick attire.
No super movie would be complete without a scene with POW and WHAM making an appearance on the screen at some point but where this is usually reserved for punches, The Crimson Bolt gets use out of them when wielding a shotgun. A nice touch if I do say so! Expect the humour to follow a similar vein right through until the end.

This is a superhero comedy but it delivers so much more on top. James Gunn really delivers (especially after Slither) and I will be keeping an interested eye on his next project. This will definitely be getting a second viewing from me and I’m already looking forward to it.
Rating: 8.2/10

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  1. I agree the movie was pretty good, although after watching it the first time I really kind of hated it. The story was littered with plot holes and I didn’t think the comedy was all that great. After talking about the movie for a while though and thinking about it all night at work after watching it, it sorta grew on me. The plot holes still really bug me but Ellen Page and Kevin Bacon did such great jobs in the film. That along with the scene about butting in line turned this movie into a solid rental for me.

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