The Switch-Review

            There comes a time in a woman’s life when she realizes that her biological time clock is ticking. Whether she’s married, dating, or single, having a baby becomes top priority. For instance, Kassie Larson (Jennifer Aniston) is a single, successful career woman is ready to take the big step into motherhood, through sperm donation. Her best friend, Wally Mars (Jason Bateman) doesn’t agree with Kassie decision but still shows support. The day has come when Kassie throw a fertility party with all her closest friends and sperm donor, Roland (Patrick Wilson). Wally gets drunk off the bar’s booze and enters into the restroom for relief. He eyes Roland’s donation on the counter and accidentally spills it into the sink. With a large amount of alcohol in his system and a little improvisation, Wally fills the now empty cup with his donation. Soon after the party, Kassie moves away; until seven years later when she returns for a great job offer bringing her son with her. Is the child Wally’s? Will he confess to Kassie what happened that night? 

Review:            I thought the movie was cute, very predictable, but cute. My favorite character is the son, Sebastian (Thomas Robinson). He’s a pessimist, always depressed, snappy catch phrases, very intelligent and sometimes hopeless. These traits are part of personality, although not usually part of the today’s norm for children, it’s different and there is never a dull moment. Jennifer plays her character just like all of her other characters, fussy, confused, surprised, and runny away from a situation. I think she has a lot of potential to play in stronger roles than playing her type-cast roles in romantic movies. Jason’s character was comical yet depressing because he is brutally honest and often a pessimist. Of course, I loved the ending; again it was very predictable but I enjoyed the message. All in all, I will see this film again.

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