All is well and normal in Pennsylvania, until a conductor at a freight train station makes a terrible mistake that could result in the death of many lives and communities. Dewey (Ethan Suplee) is pressured from his boss to start transporting the cargo on his train. The tracks in front lead in a different direction and Dewey jumps out of the train-thinking the train is in neutral (so to speak) and not on throttle-to switch the train handle. Unfortunately, the handle slides down to full throttle making the train pick up speed and leaving Dewey behind in awe. Also the brakes weren’t connected because of the urgency to move the train. The train’s cargo is carrying highly flammable liquids and it’s traveling at above seventy miles an hour towards neighborhoods. After a failed attempt to stop the train, veteran Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington) and rookie Will Colson (Chris Pine) are the town’s last attempt as they race to stop the mobile bomb. Will they be able to stop a train twice the size of theirs? How do they plan to stop it? Will anyone get caught in the crossfire?  

Review:            I liked this film. When first seeing the preview, the ending was predictable. Yes predictable, but I still enjoyed it. With suspense attacking my emotions as to if they can actually stop the train, mixed with Adeline at every dangerous attempt made to stop it. I liked the story line of Frank as a twenty-eight year veteran forced into retirement and Will having marriage issues; made me feel a little more connected as they are real life problems they are going through. There’s not really much more I can review. The plot was entertaining, the locations felt like ‘home sweet home’ and the characters were brave. All in all, I will see this film again.