A lazy stoner prince in is forced to join his heroic brother’s quest to save a woman from the clutches of a crazy sorcerer. Along the way they meet a beautiful warrior, a labyrinth complete with minotaur, and every conceivable penis joke the world has to offer. What else would you expect when you put Danny McBride, James Franco, and a marijuana-like herb in the Medieval Ages?

This movie can be considered both fairly funny and fairly disturbing to those with even the most hardened of humors. You will laugh and laugh and laugh some more, but then something will come along that will make you squirm slightly and groan. In other words, the writers, Danny McBride and Ben Best, take the jokes as far as they will go and then shove them over the line with a force that will make you cringe. I mean, there’s a pedophilic wizard that looks like a Muppet and the entire premise of the film is to rescue a woman who will be raped and impregnated with a dragon.

What’s most interesting is the caliber of acting there is in the film. With a story revolving around penis-humor one wouldn’t necessarily expect Academy Award Winner Natalie Portman to step into the role of Isabel, the warrior who is constantly objectified by Danny McBride’s character. Wearing a metal thong is a far cry from The Black Swan. And despite his type-cast into “stoner” movies, James Franco was just recently nominated for an Oscar himself. He is the only actor I know who can go from an intense dramas like 127 Hours or Howl, to weilding a sword against a five-headed monster. Lastly, the notoriously innocent Zooey Deschanel co-stars.  Granted, she still plays an innocent, naive woman, but that’s beside the point. (500) Days of Summer was cute and funny and now this. Even though the film is meant to be stupid, there is no way these great actors couldn’t bring their A-games and, even if you don’t want them to, their performances make the film seem a little more real.

But despite all this, the film really was funny. Danny McBride recently said on Conan that the film was essentially one long dick joke and it really is. It really is…