A young orphan boy, Lewis, with a knack for inventing is pulled into future and meets The Robinsons, a family that is absolutely crazy…in an awesome way. As Lewis and the Robinsons fend of “The Bowler Hat Guy” and his desperate attempts to change the future, time is twisted into knots and dinosaurs, frogs singing like Frank Sinatra, and mind-controlling hats makes for an all-around good family film. Oh and like any other Disney movie in existance, Lewis learns the value of family and morals and all that good stuff.

 What made this Disney flick stand out from all the rest is the comedy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, children’s movies are always better when there are jokes for the adults who are being forced to watch them. I mean, kids don’t have to get the jokes. They just like the singing frogs and silly dinosaur. But the subtle jokes that only adults would understand make it all the more enjoyable. The one the really caught my eye in this film was when Lewis was trying to figure out the convaluted Robinson Family Tree. He asked Wilbur, the son who brought him into the future, what his father, Cornelius Robinson, looked like. Wilbur answered Tom Selleck, who’s real-life picture then appeared among the animation. The joke comes later, when we finally meet Cornelius and he is voiced by none other than Tom Selleck.

 Another positive point to this film was the casting. While most recent animated films are “starring” big name actors to draw in the paying customers, this movie can stand on its own. Not to say that the actors who voiced the characters aren’t “big name” but average audience members don’t know who MADTv‘s Nicole Sullivan is off the top of their head. Or they may recognize his voice, but can’t remember the name of Adam West of Batman and Family Guy fame. I guess what I am trying to say is: the cast was superb, but the fact that the film didn’t rely on noteriety to draw an audience makes it all the more legitimate.

So if you’re looking for a nice little movie to entertain the family, I would highly suggest Meet the Robinsons. It’s cute, funny, and has singing frogs. What more could you ask for?