Now, I know what you’re thinking: A modern day fairy tale starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a guardian to young TJ through his struggles sounds kinda stupid, right? Well, tell that to SXSW, who said that the film was “the kind of movie you’re thinking about days after you’ve seen it.” That made this reviewer want to watch it. I was only able to get clips, but the clips were great from what I’ve seen. Then my dumb-ass gauge kicked off, and I said, “why don’t I just watch the trailer?”
So I did. And I liked it a lot. The film looks to be funny at times and at times so sad and well acted that you wanted to cry. It may verywell be this year’s World’s Greatest Dad, and may very well be treated the same way: seen by many, hated by very few, and respected by no one in the business of big film.
This trailer looks like the acting will carry the movie very far, though, and will entertain any movie goer. The genres seem to blend and the plot seems to get deeper and deeper as we go on this journey with Hesher.