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Trailers: Anonymous

Well, may I say that Roland Emmerich’s visuals and trailer perfection can give one a mind f**k! Seriously, the trailer is THAT good. It is an interesting take on how Shakespeare went about making his plays. The plot is that there was a select group of people that wrote the plays of Shakespeare, and that the man himself never wrote a single word. Obviously there are battles and deaths for the actions of the group, but the visuals that Emmerich presents are outstanding. My guess? This year’s Oscar winner for Best Art Direction and Oscar nominee for Best Visual Effects (ultimately losing to Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life). See it now on youtube or!

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I am a high school student who is involved in film at my school in my broadcasting/video production class. Having met up-and-coming film affiliates in my area, I have come to know many great camera techniques, good writing skills and cinematographic specialties. I have taken courses and am in the process of becoming certified to use multiple different editing equipment/software engines and cameras. I am in the process of writing over 10 Screenplays and 3 Books, and look to hopefully enter into the world of cinema as a editor, scorer, cinematographer, writer and director.

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  1. Very happy to see Roland not making another End Of The World disaster flick (after the awful 2012). This looks very interesting indeed, for the first time in quite a while i can say i am looking forward to a Roland Emmerich film.

  2. Chuck Landon says:

    I am also excited to see a different side of Emmerich. It will be interesting to see how he portray the Earl of Oxford conspiracy. I for one, like the theory of Bacon. Shakespeare could not have had the necessary education and experience with the royal court to have written the plays. There were similarities between Bacon and Shakespeare’s ideas, and that only a lawyer could have could have written them.


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