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‘Rango’ is directed by Gore Verbinski and written by Verbinski, John Logan and James Ward Byrkit and stars Johnny Depp as a clueless, theatrical chameleon who is forced to discover himself when he is thrown into a new world all on his own. Depp portrays this magnificent character of a lost lizard that is literally thrust into a new life of the wild Wild West in a town known as ‘Dirt.’ Dirt is a small town that has an array of different characters, all of them unique and creative. They are struggling because they live in the middle of the dessert and are suffering through a drought. Without water all of the lizards and creatures cannot survive. Can Rango be the lizard to save the day or will he endure the hard times as well?

‘Rango’ was brilliant!!! I cannot stress it enough, how I absolutely loved this film!!! The story was truly beautiful. Rango is this vulnerable, lonely lizard who enjoys creating characters and improving as if he was a teenage drama queen. He is automatically loved by all the townspeople, even the mayor who in turn declares him as the new sheriff in town. But, when the townspeople discover that Rango isn’t who he claims to be, his trust is from the people are destroyed and nothing goes according to plan.

Johnny Depp was unbelievable, half the time I forgot it was even him as Rango because he was just that good. He was almost unrecognizable. He created this heartwarming loveable lizard just by using his vocal chords. There was a lot of character development, which was nice to see in an animated film. Isla Fischer portrayed a young lizard who is trying to survive in the drought and fight for more water. Even Fischer was unrecognizable, she had a very thick southern accent and spoke quite fast, but I liked that about her character. She was young and quirky. There were a ton of fascinating characters in this film that I could literally go on and on about such as the mayor of the town who was greedy and quite dishonest. He was handicapped and controlled the amount of water everyone gets. Ned Beatty portrayed the Mayor and he was great. Everyone was really great, everyone held their own.

The plot was original, it was a cute little story and I enjoyed the fact that it was a western. I don’t think an animated western has really been done, and I liked that it was not only a western but there were also parts of the film that were also quite modern which didn’t make it boring AT ALL. For example, their language was modern, and the cars in the film were modern. I was laughing, and enticed throughout this entire film. I loved every minute from beginning to end!

The animation was beautiful; it had really nice shots and had an overall very unique look and feel to the film. Great cinematography.

If you do plan on taking your children to the film, just be ware that there is some violence and a lot of gun fire in the film.

I highly, highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys, Johnny Depp, westerns, animation, and a fun entertaining film that will touch your heart and inspire your mind.

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  1. mattmonk412 says:

    I agree. I thought RANGO was a truly creative movie in a sea of unoriginal films recently. The characters were real and the writing was clever. This is one that will appeal to children and parents alike!

  2. Malcomb says:

    Good movie for adults&children as long as you like animated movies. It’s a comedy which I thought was really funny and I don’t even like cartoons. Johnny Depp is the voice of Rango so yes! Good movie


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