Tesuo: The Iron Man-

After watching this movie you will certainly not be able to say that you’ve seen anything quite like this before. A low-budget Japanese movie shot with a 16mm camera, entirely black and white with heavy use of claymation and stop-animation.
The story… well one cannot be quite sure of the exact story. It really depends on what you see happened, similar to Eraserhead but maybe just a bit more strange. The only thing that is quite clear is that a man is not having the greatest of days. After being chased down by a strange woman that clearly means him harm he starts developing mechanical/metal parts within his body, causing many awkward moments while shaving, “drilling” his girlfriend (pun-pun), and making a new rival.

Watching this film is almost like recalling upon strange nightmare that you had the other night that you keep trying to repeat to yourself in you mind and think <….wtf was that?>. It’s horror is based on shock and slight confusion of weather or not is this really happening to the man and what’s to become of him as this keeps happening. It’s just so bizzare and disturbing it keeps your eyes glued to it even if it is bothersom to them with as many shots per moment it flashes.
This movie (or should I say cult classic) is definately a work of art. It’s original and it’s shocking even for these times.
Check it out sometime when you get the chance…. alone…. in a large house… with the lights off…. no alocohol or drugs.