Rango (2011)

“A man should never walk away from his own story”

After his owners nearly miss a bad accident, our reptile friend falls out of the back window and into the western town of Dirt, Nevada- a quaint place populated by desert critters who live off a little hope and little-er water supply. Out of sheer luck fighting off some deadly figures he is appointed as sheriff and goes on a mission with his rag-tag team to figure out why the water is nearly gone and where they can find another source.

A kid’s movie that feels like it was made for the adults too but feels it’s not exactly sure what it wants to be. A children’s movie that is about a pampered person in completely changed surroundings? An action-western? A bumbling physical comedy? It tends to on and off roll around these, not sure exactly what it is it wants us to see. Another problem is the character development. Sure, we get the idea that these are the classic characteriszations of Clint Eastwood western-style characters but no development seems to occur. The action tends to last very short each time it comes. Although these problems are made clear it is a fun watch that gives some awkward laughs and decent voice acting. Expect some language out of no where, mainly just “hell” and “damn”.

Enjoyable, though clearly has potential to be much better.

I give a C+ at best.

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