Suspiria (1977)

“Bad luck isn’t brought by broken mirrors, but by broken minds”

A young American girl attends a famous ballet school which reveals an unpleasant surprise that it is only a front for a sinister organization… that of which releases an unknown figure to destroy the dancers within the school.
A horror film which can’t be described without using the word “Art”. Each death, inside the school itself, the music, and every color in this film has been made into a work of art. Very beautiful to look at- almost as though Disney tried to make a slasher film- and at the same time quite frightening. It’s a film you have to watch yourself to really appreciate and Dario Argento has a knack at working with things like this. Even though it’s a bit slow it feels very much like a “Sophisticated Horror” film that’s best to watch on Halloween or some sort of midnight movie event. A MUST-SEE.

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