Battle : LA
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Posted on 04 March 2011 by

As a Marine I can relate to this movie, There was a Special Premier on the base im stationed at now(Camp Pendleton, CA) where they just so happened to shoot parts of the movie. Alot of war movies now days dont depict the true Military of how it really is, from the very beginning to the end, myself and everyone in the movie theater were caught up in the movie. The raw emotion put into this movie really moved me and motivated me to keep going. The military is by no means easy, and this movie showed how hard Marines really work, and the comradery that Marines have as they work together to push on, no matter how tired, how painfull, or how difficult the road ahead may be. The Marines played in the movie truely show the values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.     OOHRAH!, Semper Fidelis

LCpl Anderson

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