This film is about an escaped man from Hell named Milton (Nicholas Cage) who is on a vengeful mission to rescue his granddaughter from the devil-worshipping cult leader, Jonah King (Billy Burke). Jonah plans to sacrifice the baby to Satan in a couple of days to bring Hell to Earth. Jonah has a large amount of loyal followers, which makes getting the girl harder. Milton hitches a ride from a beautiful rowdy girl named Piper (Amber Heard). After catching her newly proclaimed fiancée with another woman, she discovers that she wants to do something more meaningful in her life. So when Piper soon discovers Milton’s agenda and the risk, she’s on board to help. Meanwhile a demonic bounty hunter called the Accountant (William Fichtner) is on Milton’s trail to take him back to Hell. Will Milton make it in time before the ceremony? Will Piper die in the crossfire? Will the Accountant catch up to Milton?



Four words, “oh… my… goodness…, seriously? This is what I said throughout the entire film. Okay, first I do get what type of movie the director (Patrick Lussier) was trying to make, the ALL ACTION, ALL THE TIME ultimate guy movie. But he failed and this was just sad, from the credits to the romantic ride of Milton and the Accountant driving to Hell with a heroic soundtrack in the back. After watching Season of the Witch with Nicholas and how terrible it was, I still had little hope for him because he’s a great actor. Seeing this movie made me throw up the towel, I am no longer a fan. It’s not that his acting is completely horrible in his recent flops; it’s the roles he continues to pick. Is he tired of winning awards or making blockbuster movies? Anyway, I’m over him. I didn’t like Piper. I felt that she was trying too hard to be the tough chick. Cursing and going after guys twice her size and losing didn’t convince me. Also, if the Accountant is from Hell, why was he traveling around by foot to find Milton? Can’t he just appear before him? All in all, horrible movie and I will never see this film again.