I have seen numerous movies in my entire lifetime and whether they are good or bad, the movies that I have watched always include some entertaining value. But with 1966’s “Hawaii” I get a movie that really bored me out of my skull. Based off the novel of the same name by James A. Michener, starring Julie Andrews, Richard Harris, and Max Von Sydow, and directed by George Roy Hill, this movie is one that I cannot stand. Rest assured, it’s a bad or terrible film per se, but it is a movie that is severely flawed. This movie is a boring snooze-fest that I personally think should be remade.

The plot of the movie centers on a band of Christian mercenaries to go to the islands of Hawaii and convert the natives living there to listen to the word of God. Lead by the Rev. Abner Hale (Sydow) and new wife Jerusha, they arrive at the islands during the 1800s to get rid of the native’s old religious beliefs so that they will accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. What I mean by this is that the native Hawaiians habits include having all of the women swim out to new ships topless, and they practice incest, which Rev. Hale describes as immoral. The native Hawaiians do believe in the word of God unless Rev. Hale will curse their sins toward Hell.

“Hawaii” is a long and tedious adult drama. If someone is watching this movie for the first time all the way through, they will get the idea of foreigners coming to a native world and trying to change their lifestyles. We have seen this before in modern movies like “Pocahontas” and more recently “District 9”. The acting in the movie is tolerable, but it would have been better had the cast been replaced with other actors. But what really puts me off throughout the rest of the film is the pacing. At nearly three hours long, the movie moves like a tortoise race. It gets almost nowhere. If this movie has a chance of being remade for today’s audience, then I would probably appreciate it better. But as it stands, “Hawaii” is a boring that I cannot tolerate watching.

There is, however, one item on the agenda that I did enjoy the movie for. And that’s the location of Hawaii itself. The scenery is amazing to look at and the cinematography captures the island’s presence quite well. But that’s the only good thing that I can say for this film.

Overall, “Hawaii” is a jumbled mess of a movie that could have been easily improved. If a remake does happen, then I might like it better. But as it stands, this film bores me with only a few entertaining moments.