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Survival of the Dead (2009)

George A. Romero is at it again. Yet another entry in the very vast …of the Dead franchise. He continues his signature horror film zombie sub-genre with Survival of the Dead. It continues on where Diary of the Dead ends. This time around the survivors of the undead outbreak are trying to help their zombie counterparts.

A remote island off the coast of Delaware is home to two families who have a very different opinion of how this zombie epidemic should be handled. The O’Flynns have been taking it upon themselves to rid their small island of the walking dead. Their feud lies with the Muldoons, who have been keeping their share of the zombie population alive, especially their loved ones. They are holding onto hope that a cure will be found or at least that they can teach the dead to yearn for something other than human flesh. The O’Flynn family is met with a small team of soldiers who have been trying to survive amongst the monsters. The group joins forces to attempt to “prove” the Muldoons and their leader wrong.

Of course written and directed by the zombie master himself, this film has Romero’s signature creativity all over it. The blood and gore is as disgusting and gross as you can hope for. The way that body parts explode whenever a bullet enters them is rather entertaining. As usual, not much of a story here; Living vs. Walking Dead. Survivors bump heads along the way and even some opinions are changed. If you enjoy zombie films and are a fan of Romero, then this is a definite for you. I give Survival of the Dead “3 exploding zombie heads out of 5”.

“We got to get these things to learn to eat something other than us.”

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