DEAR JOHN (2010)

Probably the most compelling love story since The Notebook.  Channing Tatum (John) and Amanda Seyfried (
Savannah) make an undeniably flawless couple on-screen. Superbly directed by Lasse Hallstrom, this movie showcases a wholesome kind of love.  

John is a soldier on leave and meets
Savannah while ‘rescuing’ her handbag.  It takes two weeks for them to fall hopelessly in love.  They are two very diffe
rent people – John, as
Savannah puts it, “used to be tough” but now lives a quiet life with his autistic father (Richard Jenkins) while he’s at home. 
Savannah, as John puts it, “might be too good of a person”.  But together they fit! 

A string of letters flow between the two of them whilst they are apart for a year.  It is through their letter writing that they share their deepest thoughts and their love, despite the distance between them, flourishes. 

911 happens when John is to return home and this changes everything.  He is a soldier by heart and makes the decision to spend a weekend at home and then return to the army.  How can
Savannah question his decision when she herself said that “the saddest people I’ve ever met in life are the ones who don’t care deeply about anything at all”. 

Ironically, John receives the ‘Dear John’ letter two months after his return to the army… 

What we see in this movie are two people together yet separated by distance and time, following their hearts, doing the ‘right thing’… As viewers, when they say to one another “I’ll see you soon then”, we hope with clinched fists that it is so. 

The two leads are beautiful and they portray their parts equally beautifully.  Richard Jenkins who plays John’s father, renders this role perfectly and the relationship between father and son brings swells of tears to the eyes.   

A truly poignant movie!

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  1. a very good detailed description of the film :)
    would have been spot on in my opinion if you went into detail about the leads.
    very good review. hope you enjoy reading mine if you do.

  2. Thanks Mike. Will read some of yours too.

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