The long anticipated movie since 2008’s ‘Quantum of Solace’ and celebrating its 50th year in cinema history, ‘Skyfall’ is the new edition to the 007 franchise. The new bond film centres around a device that contains all the identities and information of every British agent that accidentally falls into the wrong hands. Bond (Daniel Craig) is the only man for the job that can track down who’s responsible for threatening to end the existence of the MI6 and M(Judi Dench).

Daniel Craig has done an exceptional performance in proving himself to be the perfect Bond for audiences of today, the film lived up to its promise of being an incredible film experience to watch. The special effects used in the introduction is something that I always look forwards to seeing, especially in a Bond film, it creates a contemporary atmosphere yet includes the elements of nostalgia giving credit to singer Adele for the beautiful vocal performance of the new Bond song.

The use of cinematography aided in the film’s excellence where the visuals were stunning to watch and successfully achieved by Oscar nominated cinematographer Roger Deakin. One scene I liked in particular was when Bond is fighting against an assassin in a skyscraper where the scene is shot in silhouette form against a backdrop that contains imagery of a jelly fish, the combination of the silhouettes, neon lights and the background creates a powerful feeling of anxiety and serenity at the same time.

Let’s not forget the intriguing introduction to the mysterious villain Silva (Javier Bardem), as he walks towards Bond from the elevator we get to slowly take in and analyse his appearance, we completely understand how this character is through the way he presents himself and captivates us with his strange story about how rats fight with one another for survival, he has a presence about him where you know he’s going to be the villain you’ll love to hate.

Overall the film was a stunning experience filled with none stop action and humour, the film even touches on Bond’s tragic past when he was a young boy; which was interesting in understanding the upbringing of how James Bond became 007. However, the film does not fail to deliver in an excellent action packed emotional roller coaster that we all know and admire about the bond films, as of now I can’t wait to see the next instalment of the James Bond franchise which I shall eagerly anticipate its arrival, I must simply advise you… to go watch it as you’re in for an experience and shall not be let down.