Once upon a time, there was a young blond girl (no, this isn’t about my childhood).   She runs away from smalltown nowhere to become a star in big city somewhere.   Then she runs into Cher.Burlesque starts and ends just as you imagine- a glittery cheesy silly somewhat suggestive commemorative yet modern musical.    Relying heavily on the music to carry it through, the movie is- fun.  The beginning, middle and final songs carry the feel of Chicago and what I imagine a classic Burlesque would be like.  Raw, playful, gritty even.  Then at times this feels more like an Aguilera music video where the songs don’t contribute  to the plot, but fill space in the 2 hour running time.   Using every opportunity to showcase Aguilera’s vocals steals away moments for Aguilera to really try out the acting thing (for example- she feels sad- she sings.  She feels successful- she sings.  She ‘gets intimate’- SHE SINGS).  Totally shining moments for the film- it felt honest.  It felt like the cast was having fun.    Some of the songs are pretty good.  Cher added a nice level to the show.  There is a really cute ‘before sex’ scene.  And toss in an insightful lines said with enough honesty to believe in the characters- you’ve got an all access pass to the Burlesque- it’s no Oscar award show, but it sure is fun.Mike’s ‘what the heck?’ moment- they’re about to make out, about to have a romantic sexy scene- and instead she breaks into a ballad (?!)Mike’s happy parts- Cam Gigandet gets lots of screen time.  Quinn shows up during a commercial break from Glee.  Cher’s lips.  Stanley Tucci’s little affair.Mike’s takeaway line-“Hey, why did you leave Ohio?””I looked around and didn’t see anyone I wanted to be”.