The name of this film tells you exactly what you’re in for. Burlesque stars Christina Aguilera as Ali and Cher as Tess. Burlesque takes place in L.A. on the Sunset Strip in a neo-burlesque club owned and operated by Tess. This drama musical is set around Ali, a small town girl from Iowa, destined to become something more than her boring ordinary small town farm girl life has to offer. So naturally she buys a one way ticket and moves to L.A. hoping to find a career using her amazing singing and dancing skills she apparently picked up after her shift at a diner. She ends up in Tess’s club working as a waitress until she can prove to Tess she actually belongs on stage dancing up a storm. Although it doesn’t seem like she has much time to achieve her dream, because Tess has no money and the club is going to be shut down if something magical doesn’t come along and get the money needed.

As we all can guess, she gets her chance, meets a guy, dates an other guy, everything you’d expect from a very predictable and poor reused plot line. In between the singing and dancing at the club we are subjected too the irritating romance/friendship between Ali and a bartender at the club named Jack, played by an actor named Cam Gigandet. Forced too live with each other they of course start to like each other, only problem, Jack is engaged. After the high school cliche of watching them flirt and having the burning question of when will they finally get it over with and get together. They have the much needed argument. I don’t want to spoil anything so I won’t go into why or what the fight was about, but you can probably guess. The list of cliches and predictability in this film are endless, exactly how it felt watching it. The last thirty minutes of this film drag on eternally. I found myself yawning and just wanting to get the hell out of my seat.

The only thing in this film that surprised me was how good the songs, singing, and dancing were. Christina Aguilera’s acting is questionable but, my god, can that girl sing. Same can be said with Cher. Almost every scene inside the burlesque club is very entertaining. From the excellent outfits, stage backgrounds, burlesque girls, to the singing and dancing, all gives the club a very real feeling about it. Usually it’s poor/decent songs and good plot. All switched here, Great songs and music, very catchy, but lacks in plot and entertainment.

Overall this is a so-so movie. Same thing we’ve all seen before but with excellent songs. I would recommend renting this film. Least at home when the slow parts in between the club come on you can get up and go for a jog, take your dog out for a walk, or put on a better musical. I find my self disliking this movie more and more as I keep remembering about it.  I kind of want my ten dollars back.