Spine-Tingling Endings

These are the movie endings that, too this day, make my spine tingle. WARNING: THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW. BE CAREFUL AS YOU READ IT. IF YOU SEE A MOVIE YOU HAVEN'T YET SEEN, SKIP IT! Donnie Darko - She begins to wave to Donnie's mom, as a moment of recognition, and then the movie cuts to black. The Prestige - Cutter helps Borden kill Angier and get his daughter back after Angier kills multiple clones of himself in the process of doing his trick. The final shot is of the place where Angier keeps his drowned clones as the place is burning to the ground. Cut to black. Inception - Cobb spins the totem and then walks off to meet his kids at the door. Camera zooms in on spinning top as it is about to fall... or as it is still staying, and at the most climactic point, the camera cuts to black. Avatar - Jake is being transfered into his Avatar body. The camera zooms on the eyes of his Avatar self, and they open. Cut to black with Horner music. The Departed - After Mark Wahlberg kills Matt Damon, he walks out of the apartment, and the camera looks out of his window. A rat runs across, then the camera cuts to black. Vanilla Sky - His eyes open, and right as you think you are about to figure out what happened and where he was, the camera cuts to the credits. If you didn't notice, all of these movies have quick, black-cut endings, which my favorite director, Christopher Nolan, is the master of. Go figure.



  2. Yessir! I was going to note the abundance of Chris Nolan, but you did it for me. He’s probably my favourite director working today, it’s rare that you see a director without a bad film to his name. In fact, I’d say he’s never even had a sub-par film to his name, every one is brilliant.

  3. I completely agree. The only one of his that I thought wasn’t absolutely amazing in essence was Insomnia, but Robin Williams’ acting certainly made up for it.

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