This film is about an average high school student named Olive (Emma Stone) who confesses a lie to her best friend, Rhiannon (Alyson Michalka) about losing her virginity. The secret was suppose to stay between them but over-religious leader, Marianne (Amanda Bynes) over hears and starts to spread the rumor through school. Soon the whole school knows about the loss of Olive’s fake virginity. Later, Olive’s friend, Brandon (Dan Byrd) comes to her with a favor because he’s tired of being tormented by bullies for being gay. He asks her to date him. She agrees to make act more convincing at a high school party by pretending they are having sex. The plan works and Brandon is popular but Olive is officially the school slut. Now other unpopular guys come to her for pretend favors, she agrees but for a price. Gift cards from Home Depot or Bath and Body Works or other places. Olive begins to like her new formed reputation because of all of the attention, until it goes too far. Can Olive fix her reputation? Will she be able to convince the school that she lied to help a friend?


First thing, I thought this movie was too cute and I really enjoyed watching it. It has the cutest comedy, such as Olive’s cool parents who she could tell anything to even if it’s about losing her virginity. I liked Amanda Bynes character because I know people who acts like her, whom I don’t like. I liked that even when the whole school was calling Olive a slut, regardless, she took it as a medal of honor. Her confidence drowned out the name callings.  I thought it was sweet that no one believed Olive was lying, not even Rhiannon, except for her childhood friend, Woodchuck Todd (Penn Badgley). He knew all along that Olive was only helping those guys and that none of the rumors were true. What a noble character to accept such cruel verbal punishment to help out her friends. All in all, I’m waiting for this film to go to DVD.