This film starts off with a man telling the story of how the Devil travels to different locations on Earth to retrieve damned souls. The story leads to five strangers entering an elevator not expecting any mishaps on their way to their floors. Heart beats starts to increase when the elevator stops and is stuck on a floor. Things get even worse, when the lights flickers and a person is dead. Now the remaining four must figure out who the murder is and stay alive long enough until help arrives. Who can they trust? How will each person protect themselves in an enclosed space? Will anyone make it out alive?


I liked the movie, it was entertaining. I enjoyed the concept of the Devil coming to a location to claim damned souls because I believe that does happen. The movie always kept me in suspense as to who in the elevator was the Devil. Every time I made a guess, I was wrong. Can’t say I like the ending so much because I expected a better outcome, but was cut short. All in all, I would view this film again.

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