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Things to Come: A Look Into Next Week

Member pintofbutter just gave me a revelation: Why not do a Stonage review ever week? Or twice a week maybe? So with this, I am announcing that I will have a Stonage review either tonight and Monday or just Monday, but I guarantee that I will have one by Monday night.

About J.C. Simpson

I am a high school student who is involved in film at my school in my broadcasting/video production class. Having met up-and-coming film affiliates in my area, I have come to know many great camera techniques, good writing skills and cinematographic specialties. I have taken courses and am in the process of becoming certified to use multiple different editing equipment/software engines and cameras. I am in the process of writing over 10 Screenplays and 3 Books, and look to hopefully enter into the world of cinema as a editor, scorer, cinematographer, writer and director.

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