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Best Movies (2000-2010) By Decade! (Part Deux)

So, I realized how bad I messed up my last list because I was just listing some that I had never seen (House of Sand & Fog, for example, which sucked, now that I saw it). This list is not only more correct in representing my feelings on the decade and this year’s movies, but it is very informative, and may get someone to see the movies that didn’t initially plan on it.

So, without further ado, here are my films, the best of the decade and this year, by year (part deux).

1. Requiem for a Dream
2. Memento
3. Gladiator
4. American Psycho
5. The Patriot

1. Vanilla Sky
2. Donnie Darko
3. LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring
4. Training Day
5. Frailty

1. 25th Hour
2. Signs
3. LOTR: The Two Towers
4. Road to Perdition
5. Minority Report

1. City of God
2. LOTR: Return of the King
3. Mystic River
4. Kill Bill Vol. 1/ The Last Samurai
5. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

1. Million Dollar Baby
2. District B-13
3. The Sea Inside
4. Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban
5. Mean Creek

1. Crash/ Batman Begins
2. The Jacker
3. Tsotsi
4. Capote
5. The Constant Gardner

1. The Departed
2. Brick
3. Children of Men
4. Babel/ Little Miss Sunshine
5. Apocalypto/ Pan’s Labrynth

1. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
2. The Orphanage
3. Sunshine/ 3:10 to Yuma
4. Hot Fuzz/ Michael Clayton
5. Diving Bell & the Butterfly/ No Country for Old Men

1. The Wrestler
2. Slumdog Millionaire/ Revolutionary Road
3. Miracle at St. Anna
4. Passengers/ Doubt
5. JCVD/ In Bruges

1. Moon
2. Inglourious Basterds
3. District 9
4. Up/ World’s Greatest Dad
5. The Messenger/ The White Ribbon/ A Prophet

1. Inception
2. The Town
3. Brooklyn’s Finest
4. Case 39
5. The Ghost Writer/ Harry Brown

So there you have it. Comment if you agree or think differently.

About J.C. Simpson

I am a high school student who is involved in film at my school in my broadcasting/video production class. Having met up-and-coming film affiliates in my area, I have come to know many great camera techniques, good writing skills and cinematographic specialties. I have taken courses and am in the process of becoming certified to use multiple different editing equipment/software engines and cameras. I am in the process of writing over 10 Screenplays and 3 Books, and look to hopefully enter into the world of cinema as a editor, scorer, cinematographer, writer and director.

6 Responses to “Best Movies (2000-2010) By Decade! (Part Deux)”

  1. Dr.Manhattan says:

    I thought it was a pretty good list, until I failed to see The Dark Knight in the 2008 column, and Toy Story 3 in the 2010 column.

  2. J.C. Simpson says:

    Valid points. Even now, I disagree with this list. I just wont make any more like this for the sake of changing my mind every week.

  3. Micah Blowers says:

    I wouldn’t give the House of Fog 5 stars (probably 3 or 3 1/2), but you hated it? Out of curiosity, why? I kind of liked how there were no clear cut and obvious good guy/bad guy labels, which is something I grow tired of. I also dug the “if everyone looks out for their own interests, everyone loses” scenario (which we could credit to the book), as well as Ben Kingsley. I do think that the fact that the director lacked experience showed a bit.

  4. J.C. Simpson says:

    The direction showed to be novice, and the pace was too slow. In the book, Andre Dubus III, who is an amazing author, made the events, however timely, bearable, whereas in this film, Kingsley and Connelly soared while the script and film’s timeliness plummeted. The events and scenarios were good, but you can credit those to the book.

  5. Micah Blowers says:

    Huh. I think those 2 performances are enough reason to give it 3 stars. I’d probably feel the same way about the movie as you did if I read the book first. It’s always hard to separate objectively how good a movie is stand alone when the story has been done before. I didn’t find the pacing to be a problem at all, although I don’t tend to mind slower films if there is some mood to it. One movie that I thought was highly overrated, was incredibly slow and with a few holes in the storyline was “The Conversation.” That to me was uneventful, slow and boring until the best parts were too little too late, but I won’t open up another can of worms.

  6. J.C. Simpson says:

    No, opening up another can is the only way to fish. And I wanna fish. The Conversation was alright, but I completely agree with why you thought it was overrated. I thought that one of if not the slowest movies ever that pissed me off was Munich. It could have been great, but the lack of events throughout most of the movie really aggravated.


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