There are a lot of comedy films out there, and Vince Vaughn attaches his name to a lot of these.  This film is a little bit different, though. 

Audiences expecting to see purely a stand up comedian show will be in for a surprise.  This movie is more a documentary about an experiment that Vince Vaughn tried.  The premise of his tour was to travel to thirty different cities across the country for thirty days in a row.  Using three tour buses  to carry all of the camera crew, Vince Vaughn, his few special guests, and the four comedians he selected to perform. 

Vince Vaughn is the emcee for the show, hosting a stand-up show of little-known comedians in order to better promote the world of stand-up comedy.  Guests include his Wedding Crashers costar Kier O’Donnell, the infamous Jon Favreau, Justin Long, Peter Billingsley (best known for his starring role in A Christmas Story), and the great Buck Owens.  Many of the acts these guests perform are improvised, as viewers are able to see via the many behind the scenes interviews. 

However, the true “stars” of the show are Ahmed Ahmed, John Caparulo, Bret Ernst, and Sebastian Maniscalco.  Each of these are unknown names of comedy that Vince Vaughn discovered in one way or another, and the A-list actor gives each of these men the opportunity of a lifetime.  Viewers get to see little bits of each of these comedian’s acts, but the primary focus is actually learning about the journey each of these men has taken in trying to “make it big.”  The audience gets to meet the men’s families and see where each of them came from.  Many of the stories are inspiring and touching, and viewers really begin to root for these underdogs. 

Perhaps the most moving part of the documentary was watching the tour hit the Louisiana area.  This tour was occurring in the fall of 2005, when Hurricane Katrina hit the bayou and destroyed so much in that area.  The tour was scheduled to be in New Orleans and Baton Rouge the two days after the hurricane hit, so they were forced to detour as a result of the storm.  However, Vince Vaughn announced to his fellow tour members that they would give free tickets away to refugees from the storm to see their show.  Also, Vaughn announced that they would donate proceeds from a few shows to the Salvation Army to help the victims of the storm as well.  The entire segment was incredibly uplifting. 

There was a lot of very good comedy on the tour, and it was very interesting to see the stories behind the comedians, as well as to see how a group of guys gets along after thirty days on a tour bus!  But, viewers expecting to see the sponsor and emcee of the show will be disappointed, as Vaughn is not at all the showcased member of the cast.  All in all, this documentary is fun to watch, with unexpected emotion as well.