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Paul WS Anderson Brings New Life to Zombies in Resident Evil: Afterlife

After a cinematic dryspell of opening weekend big screen releases, viewers poured into theaters to see the new installment of the Resident Evil series. And moviegoers were not disappointed. Milla Jovovich returns as the butt-kicking Alice and is in peak form, showing pure athleticism and strength in the many fighting scenes signature to the series. Unlike the previous films, Milla finally gets the opportunity to develop her character and add depth to Alice’s personality. Ali Larter is also back as Claire Redfield and begins to mirror the character progression of Alice, demonstrating toughness while penetrating deeper into her character as well. As an added bonus, Anderson shot the entire movie using James Cameron’s 3D camera system, allowing the audience to more fully immerse themselves into the action. This makes the experience even more nail-biting and intense, though viewers watching the 2D version will still be on the edge of their seats. The violence, suspense and style that have been consistent in each previous Resident Evil movie is ever-present in the most recent addition, with all-new zombie mutations and villians. The plot evolves further than ever before and digs deeper into the impenetrable web that the Umbrella Corporation has spun, exploring more mysteries and fighting new evils. Tomandandy return once again to compose the score which carries the film and enhances the action. Anderson recruits Glen MacPherson for the cinematography, known most recently for his work in Rambo and The Final Destination 3D, and his crisp, clean vision lends itself well to the 3D experience. Overall, Resident Evil: Afterlife is a fantastic thrill-ride which brings even more surprises to fans and thoroughly entertains viewers. Whether it is viewed regularly or in the 3D style by which it is truly meant to be seen, audiences everywhere will enjoy this cinematic experience.

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One Response to “Paul WS Anderson Brings New Life to Zombies in Resident Evil: Afterlife”

  1. MikeHanks says:

    I thought I would pop over to your own solitary review after you so kindly reviewed mine!

    This was a film that I had no intention of watching, having been unimpressed by the two existing sequels, particularly the 3rd installment. As a big fan of the video-games (the first is one of my favourite games ever made) this did come as a big disappointment!

    Your review certainly makes me want to give it a try, particularly if there is the level of character development that you suggest – this was definitely missing from previous installments. I’ve also still not seen a movie in 3D yet, so perhaps this is the one to end the duck.

    The key question I have for you is whether you think that I would enjoy this episode, having been disappointed by the previous two? I did enjoy the first movie, and if this is a return to form, I will happily devour.

    Great review – cheers!


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