Diary of a Wimpy Kid is directed by Thor Freudenthal (Hotel for Dogs) and stars Zachary Gordon and Robert Capron as “Greg and Rowley”. Greg is less than amused that he and Rowley are entering middle school which according to Greg is filled with Morons. The movie quickly drops us hints that the next hour and a half are going to be life lessons in friendship and growing up. Greg’s goal seems to be about becoming popular and to do that he must appear in the yearbook. His friend Rowley is just proud to be himself and goes along for the ride.

         The whole movie seems to revolve around a piece of excessively moldy cheese that has been left in the middle of the school yard. Why you ask, well because moldy cheese is apparently the middle school version of cooties. If you are seen touching, you are immediately uncool to all that is middle school. It doesn’t take long to figure out that the climax of this movie will revolve around this piece of cheese somehow.

         Greg and Rowley quickly and somehow unknowingly become the school outcasts, forced to eat lunch on the floor with a kid named Fregley. Unfortunately, other than a few cheap laughs, Fregley is an unnecessary character in the movie who is all but forgotten by movies end. The story takes a familiar turn when Rowley becomes more popular than Greg through a series of unique events ultimately creating a distance between the two friends. Rowley makes a new friend who we know nothing about and seems to like a girl named Chloe. Unfortunately Chloe seems to be another unnecessary character as any relationship she has with Rowley never develops into anything.

        Overall, there are a few laughs to be had here, but it seems like there was a point to be had at the beginning followed by an hour of filler and an end. A lot of unnecessary scenes here. It seems to kiddish for the adults and to adult for the kids. It never really grabs an audience. Steve Zaun plays Greg’s father Frank, but other than a timely joke, his role was meaningless. A great movie to watch during dinner while having a conversation with the family.