Curse whichever critic proclaimed SALT better than Bourne. Although SALT boasts an all-star cast namely: Angelina Jolie(Wanted), Liev Schreiber(Manchurian Candidate) and Chiwetel Ejiofor(Serenity) this movie proved to be what I would call a ‘bench mark thriller’. However I will give it to Angelina that she worked with what she had.

As many of you no doubt know agent Salt(Jolie) is being accused of being a spy for the Russian government. In this movie she sets out to insidiously save the day while appearing to be an icy assasin, or is that exactly what she is…?

 The kill joy for me was an oximoron; the immediacy of the story line and the peripheral action were what killed it for me. when I say immediacy I mean that the answers to our questions are automatically conceived within a matter of moments. There is no civility to the thought of pacing the story.

When I say peripheral action I mean that the fight scenes that we are expeting from Jolie are pourley filmed. It seems that some of the shots for the trailer were not decided upon for the final take. We get to see more masses of form than combat as in the camera being zoomed in where we would prefer a wide angle. The matter of the action sequences is a big part of why Bourne is not yet defeated, not to mention the fact that Bourne posseses a much more powerful and deep story line. In the end I should have scene Inception instead.

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