INCEPTION marks film inspiration as a unique revolutionary film spined by the brilliant storytelling CHRISTOPHER NOLAN unravels.  As the latest Christopher Nolan film, Inception is undoubtedly his best original work yet.  Fans anticipating Inception with be more than satisfied experiencing this breathtaking film as it will become an exciting classic you will want to re-watch over and over again.The cast in this film delivers such pure talent.  Every cast member gives you a natural feel for who the characters truly are helping you to connect how separate motives tie into this maze of a story.Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a highly skilled thief that steals valuable secrets deep with the subconscious during the dream state.  The bulk of this corporate espionage is his chance at redemption.  In order for Cobb to get his life back, he has to assemble a team of specialists to successfully perform the impossible-inception.The cinematography in this film is remarkable the whole way through.  Every structure and background appears real with no effects.  This makes it evident to understand why and how these characters may at times have such difficulty differentiating between what reality they perceive to currently be experiencing.Any film with a heavy dream basis is expected to have stunning mind bending transitions in and out of alternate realities which this film delivers with an extra kick. With a lengthy runtime of 148 minutes, Inception lacks any moment where the film feels its dragging itself onward.  Every single scene in this film is an entertaining crucial part of this intriguing puzzle.NOLAN has written and directed yet another universal story that flows appropriately giving the audience exactly what they need to know and more importantly exactly when they need to know it.  This film is a must-see as it sets the bar extremely high for all filmmakers.

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I graduated Western Carolina University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts majoring in Motion Picture and Television Productions with an English Minor concentrating in Professional Writing.

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  1. Shannon Cheatwood says:

    This movie was just so mind boggling I had to see it twice! The very next day! Not only does this movie not ever have the slightest slow moment but it keeps you on your toes! Figuratively speaking of course. There are just so many levels and twists that it’s almost impossible to keep up. I still can’t figure out that ingenious twist ending.


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