urban legends:bloody mary

Title of the movieurban legends:bloody mary stars/roles,Kate Mara … Samantha OwensRobert Vito … David OwensTina Lifford … Grace TaylorEd Marinaro … Bill OwensMichael Coe … Buck JacobyLillith Fields … Young Mary Banner / ‘Bloody Mary’Nancy Everhard … Pam OwensAudra Lea Keener … Heather ThompsonDon Shanks … Coach JacobyJeff Olson … Sheriff McKennaNate Herd … Tom HigginsBrandon Sacks … Roger DaltonHailey Evans … Martha – Samantha’s Friend #1 (as Hailey Smith)Olesya Rulin … Mindy – Samantha’s Friend #2Haley McCormick … Young Gina Lotnick ,takes place 1969 average town usa then goes to 1999,horrorpretty much the same as the original girl and friends go to prom 1969.they get drugged by boyfriends with the exception of Mary .             Mary disappears or does she. flash-forward 30yrs same thing but now she wants revengealthough this film is a movie that i would have liked to love as it was one of my favorite stories as a kidhowever other then a better camera its exactly the same as its predecessor Ctrl +v paste end of storyit had a low budget feel which i normally like however most the actors in this movie seem to be lacking exp but that maybe due to poor script writing either way other then the sister and bother no character that is memorable   .overall not impressed however if you cant find the original version just pick up thjs for your collection I give it a generous 3 out of 10

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