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The Last Song…..hopefully!

This film was not the best.My highlight was hearing Miley Cyrus say bitch! The film other wise was new age “A Walk To Remember”Miley did her best but the script was poor and the actting wasnt great. As far as seeing it. Maybe if it makes its way to netflixs instant view but dont waste your money or the rental.I was expecting a tear jerker, at least a bit. But I cried more that I spent the eight bucks to see it.As far as the love story, it was bland and uneventful. They got to the love stage too quick and if it was anything it was lust.Dont waste your money, dont waste a rental.Maybe ABC will play it on a Sunday Night?

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I am a current filmmaker and movie freak. I have spent a lot of my years bringing my imagination to the level it is currently at and always looking for new and improved ideas to build on. The films I watch are all over, something about just sitting in a room and being free gets me. Born in to a mother in the military, I moved around a lot. Gaining new friend everywhere but never feeling like I have a place to call home. But my grandfather found me a home, the Cinema! My grandfather would take me Friday and Sunday nights to a see a movie at our local four screened multiplex! I would watch the actors on the screen and be amazed and in aw, and knew I want to do that. Originally I wanted to act, until one day creating a short film I yelled at a few people that werent doing what I envisioned, that is not how its suppose to go! My mother then said "what a director" I asked whats a Director! Thats how I became who I am today. With shorts such as Bad Actress The Girls Das Ende Watched under my belt and scripts such as Thomas Back In the Day Carter The Orchard and more I am creating my name and hoping to set my place with the masters of film!

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