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FLY PAPER (2011)
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An hilarious comedy.  Totally unbelievable of course but who wants to rattle their brain when watching a comedy.

Patrick Dempsey and Ashley Judd are awesome in their respective roles as hostages, Tripp and Kaitlin.

Two sets of criminals are robbing the same bank.  The one set is going for the vault and the other for the ATMs. With a dead man in the mix, the hostages are held in the kitchen area while the respective robbers go for their loot.

OCD Tripp is an observant, analytical hostage, trying to get them all out of a hostage situation and solve the mystery surrounding this bizarre bank heist.

There is a nice range of characters in this one.  There are also a few interesting twists in the story but nothing mind blowing.

If you’re looking for an action comedy, then you’ll enjoy this movie.

Would I recommend it?  Yeah, why not, it’s a load of fun.

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