A moving performance by David Duchovny in this poignant drama/thriller.

 Ben (David Duchovny) deeply in love with his wife Hannah (Lily Taylor) loses her in a car accident.  Their rebellious daughter Sam (Olivia Thirlby) who wished her mother dead, survives the accident and comes back as her mother.  Hannah is in Sam’s body.  She convinces her husband that it’s her and they must keep this a secret, for obvious reasons. 

But where is Sam?  Her body is here but where is she?

Before Hannah’s untimely death, her relationship with Sam was strained and she wished to know her daughter better.  In her daughter’s body she gets to know her, feel how she feels and live how she lives.

When Sam ‘comes back’ briefly, she yearns for her mother which is quite contradictory as she shunned her mother when she was alive.

Is this a serious version of “Freaky Friday”?  Perhaps.  But there’s nothing amusing about this switch.  It’s about travelling souls and souls not yet laid to rest.

What amazes me most, and this movie touches on it, is that when circumstances change, so does the way we feel.  I say this because Hannah’s love for Ben was altered under different circumstances.  Having said that, her sole purpose in Sam’s body was not to rekindle the love with her husband, as this was already strong, but to find answers about her daughter.

Duchovny shines in his role as Ben and equally brilliant is Thirlby’s performance as both mother and daughter.

Beautifully delivered!