Fright Night: A Remake of an 80′s Horror Classic!!!

Fright Night is a remake, filmed in 3D, of the 1985 horror film of the same name and it is directed by Craig Gillespie(Mr Woodcock and Lars and the Real Girl). The film stars Anton Yelchin(Alpha Dog, Charlie Bartlett, Star Trek) as Charley Brewster, Colin Farrell(Miami Vice, Minority Report, The Recruit) as the vampire, Jerry, and it also stars Doctor Who himself, David Tennant, as Peter Vincent, the “vampire hunter.”

If you are unfamiliar with the original then I will give a quick rundown of what the film is about. Charley Brewster (Yelchin) is your average teenager that discovers he has a vampire living next door to him. One of Charley’s childhood friends, that he no longer claims anymore, “Evil” Ed, played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse(Superbad, Kick Ass), goes to Charley to inform him that their other childhood friend Adam was missing and Ed believes he was attacked by a vampire. Charley obviously thinks that Ed is making stuff up but he tags along anyways because Ed threatens to post an embarassing video of Charley online from when they were friends. The pair find nothing and Charley gets mad and goes home but Charley is wary of his neighbor Jerry and spies on him to see if he does anything strange. The events to follow is just pure excitement that wasn’t made better in 3D, in fact I could have done without the 3D for the most part. But it is still an enjoyable and fun film well worth watching.

Basically the only actor I want to comment on is Colin Farrell who may have found the role that he was born for. He portrayed the role of Jerry even better than Chris Sarandon did in the original film. He made the perfect vampire and the character as a whole due to Farrell’s performance as him pushes him pretty close to my favorite vampire role of all time. There is one scene in particular in the film that this realization is made evident. Jerry is standing outside Charleys house waiting for Charley to get him some beer out of his fridge. After Charley hands Jerry the beer he goes off on a crazy and random tangent about bad people living around him and protecting his girlfriend and his mom and it was great. Colin Farrell delivered it perfectly. There were some differences in the role between this film and the original that I would have loved to have seen Colin Farrell’s twist on but it was still an excellent role despite those differences and it was a delight to watch.

One of the major differences in the film from the remake was the role of Peter Vincent entirely. This film they made him a bit more of a comedic element and more of a douche. It almost reminded me of a cross between Criss Angel and Peter Vincent. David Tenant did a great job at transitioning the role from what it was to what they made it into for this film. The crazy thing for me though was how they took David Tennant from Doctor Who to Peter Vincent. He was great in the film and delivered the comedy very well and it didn’t seem forced by him at all.

I try my best when going into a remake to not look at it as a remake but to look at it as it’s own movie. So many times when a film is remade it has the same elements as the original but they twist it in some way to make it it’s own film. Fright Night did that and did a great job in doing it. But even if you look at it as a remake they did a great job with that as well. They modernized it and used the technology that we have today to update the special effects but it also still had the 80′s horror feel that I personally as a horror fan love. As it’s own standalone film it is a fun horror film to break up the trash that has been the horror film world here as of late. It also brings back REAL vampires that burn when they go in the sun, not sparkle, vampires that have fangs, vampires that don’t have overly pale skin. Yes that was my lash out at the Twilight franchise, it’s my review so I’m entitled.

Fright Night is a fun little ride even if you didn’t get the chance to see it in 3D, not that you were missing anything. You will laugh, you will be scared at times and maybe even a little grossed out, you can’t ask for much more than that out of the horror film industry these days. I would recommend the film just for the sole purpose of seeing Colin Farrell be an incredible vampire, because that is what he was. Easily one of his better performances of late and right up there as the best of his career. True delight even for the fans of the original and a must see even if only one time.

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  1. noe_doe says:

    I like this review a lot not only you gave us a great plot, pretty acurate but also you took the time to mention some differences in performance of some actors specially the guy of Doctor Who. I also liked the fact that you made some comparisons with the previous movie without being distasteful about either movie. Thank you for your point of view. I can only hope to write half as good as you my own reviews!!!!!!!!


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