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I am Legend (horrible movie)

First off as being new to this i would like to say that I’m honored to be able to state my opinions. Now I am Legend starting Will Smith was the worst movie that he could have played in ever. This movie didn’t have a good plot, the acting wasn’t great, and the action didn’t start until the very end of the movie. The whole movie was about him walking through the city of New york talking to manicans and running on a tredmill with his dog. Then he finally got some company at the very end and decided to give her the cure to turn the creatures back into humans then he sacrifice himself to the creatures knowing that he could saved himself too. So for the record, the over all of the movie really didn’t make sense an I was so disappointed with that movie. But hey, he came out with seven pounds…..

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  1. J.C. Simpson says:

    Agreed. The movie put the book to shame.

  2. J.C. Simpson says:

    And also, Seven Pounds sucked because Will Smith plays the same character in every movie.


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