District B-13 (2004): French is Not Always Bad

District B-13 is a massively awesome French action flick. I personally never liked French films from their dreary sequences, but legendary director Pierre Morel directed this film, based on the art of Parkour, which was created by David Belle, the star of this film.

In the year 2010, a man’s sister is kidnapped, he and a cop must find the drug lord that has her, along with a deadly nuclear missle. District B-13 has been walled off, like other districts in France. The film follows them in a very intense, action-packed view, letting all of the stunts show from the actors’ hard work.

This film’s best aspect was the great action and stunts, all performed by the actors. Another good aspect was the respectable acting from David Belle, who was only in commercials and miraculous home videos until then.

This is a “buy” film, because even now, I want to see it again.

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  1. Dustin Lerch says:

    This really was an amazing film. I like your review and completely agree with you. Looking forward to the sequel coming out next year. A lot of action film fans would enjoy this film but too many Americans aren’t multi-talented and can read subtitles while watching the film. It’s a shame. But yeah, great review to a great movie.

  2. thanks, Dustin. I also believe that it is an instant classic in the action genre, and that Americans would like it if most of us weren’t aggressively against the French and subtitles.

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