The lead roles are played by Ed Westwick (Jonny) and someone I’ve never seen before, Felicity Jones (Kim).  Both leads were delightful in this romantic comedy which I think is best described as “cute”.

Kim is an ex skateborder champion who quit after her mom’s death.  She lives with her dad, taking on the role as parent rather than daughter.  The job offer as a chalet girl in Austria, away from her father, will change her life as she knows it.  It’s while cooking and cleaning for a wealthy family who holiday in Austria that she learns to snow board, a sport “same same but different” to skateboarding.   The family she ‘waits on’ is mom and dad played by Brooke Shields and Bill Nighy but it’s their son Jonny who grabs Kim’s attention.   

The fun really begins when Kim and fellow-chalet girl, Georgie (Tamsin Egerton) hit it off.  It’s at the ski resort and on the slopes that Kim sheds her responsibilities and starts to live again as she should. 

The scenic views are breathtaking, the script is great with some really funny moments, the cast is endearing and overall a ‘feel good’ movie.

This delightful, light-hearted comedy is sure to leave a smile on your face.