Silent Hill

This horrifying movie, will have you on the edge of your seat. It is very scary and will make you scream alot. this movie makes you think and wonder what is going to happen. the movie is kind of confusing ,since it is always switching … the end of the movie is odd , you never actually know if the characters are dead or alive. the timing on the movie also changes, it switches from day to night …and the scenes also change at day time everything is good and at night time monsters come out…time changes every 30 minutes or so… this movie is a must see… but you gotta pay alot of attention to it.

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  1. If there were a list being made of best video game turned into movie projects, this one wold be n the list for sure…decently handled.

  2. I can’t believe it, I thought that this movie was visually stimulating at points, but otherwise, the movie sucked. It had no real point, and some of the scenes didn’t make sense at all.

  3. Silent Hill is best appreciated by the audience that enabled the film to get a green light in the first place. I refer, of course, to the fans of the game franchise. Few games that have spawned their own silver screen redux have had quite the same effect, or been more loyal to it’s source material. Many of the things that new visitors to Silent Hill will not understand on first viewing will be completely transparent to the seasoned fan. The appearance of Pyramid Head, the bells that sound the ‘change’ from real world to underworld, the creeping fear as the characters stumble helplessly from one dark, sticky recess to another, aided only by torch light are all nods to what made the game franchise so compelling. Silent Hill is, as we have seen through it’s many incarnations, different for everyone, but nonetheless it thrives on sucking in the player/viewer and mentally paws at them like a lion with it’s prey, before letting them back into the light, until the next time they step absent-mindedly into it’s clutches. Very good indeed.

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