“My face is just getting warmed up” is a quote mentioned in the movie.  Warm up yourself, as this comic hero strikes, the screen. Green lantern directed by fame Martin Campbell, is a sci-fi movie, with good doses of humor, emotional and groovy and childish visual effects. Yes, I am right, the movie has visual effects wasted for cars, planes and some machine guns trying to destroy large looming monster filled with dust and grease.

The basic plot goes like this. Hal Jordan is having an ambition to become a plane fighter just like his father. After the tragic incident, of his father, now Hal has just fear inbuilt in him. He tries to correct his relation with his childhood friend Carol. Meanwhile, a rare space craft strikes the earth surface. Now a green light is sent to capture a person who has all the chances to become the one. The green light chooses only the person who is brave and bold. Now unfortunately, it chooses Hal and he is selected as the one. After some recovery and understanding phenomenon, we see him in the land of Green lanterns. He thinks that he has been wrongly chosen, and returns back to mend his relationship again. Back in lab, Hal’s old friend is having mysterious nights, and he suddenly transforms into a bad ass. Then is all how Hal understands his purpose and saves the world is all about.

Narration in the movie begins right away in the first frame. We see a supernatural narration, and unconvincing way of storytelling. Then, when the present comes, we see that narrative is lost completely and story does not engage the audience. We see, Hal Jordan in some super plane fights and some unnecessary scenes, with his child hood friend Carol. When he is transported to the lantern land, we might expect a real ride now. But again it succumbs and Hal returns back to earth. The last 15 minutes of the movie is something to be spoken about in terms of visual effects.

Martin Campbell, who is famous for Zorro series, and Casino royale, has directed this movie. The narrative tale of Hal Jordan is good enough. But as a super hero, we need a lot of action scenes with gripping screenplay. Superhero movies like batman, superman and Spiderman movies had much better screenplay than this one. Martin Campbell failed in this aspect.

Performances are good enough. But not strong to engage the audience. Ryan Reynolds, who is not so famous for great movies, is been roped for a super hero movie. He is cool as Hal Jordan, but bad as Green lantern. He does not suit as super hero. Neither there is powerful performance, nor neither any gripping dialogs for him in the suit. There are no fist fights, for him. Blake lively plays Hal’s child hood friend and she has a good character in the movie. Others did not convincingly enter the scenario. One person, who is famous for shawshank redemption, is been totally wasted in this movie. Rest others are ok.

Characterization in the movie is simple. Hal Jordan is a role as a fear-transformed hero. Carol is a simple character, who has nothing so special to speak about. Rest others are crap.

Presentation of the movie is good. We have some classic times music buzzing at certain intervals. Editing needs a lot of work here. Dialogs and direction are something quite appreciable. Cinematography and camera work are sufficient.  CGI work looked childish as cars, fighter planes, and storm dust enters the scenario.


Bottom line: Weakly narrated, super hero movie, for all the children around the world. Because they like enjoying cop cars, fighter planes, machine guns, this is for them. As for adults, this movie is just another groovy, regular sci-fi drama.