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The Adjustment Bureau
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Matt Damon is congressman David Norris who is at the brink of winning another election when his path crosses with an intriguing woman named Elise (Emily Blunt).  After their chance meeting in the men’s bathroom, David finds himself infatuated with the young woman.  As fate should have it, or in this case shouldn’t have it, David crosses paths with the young woman again on a bus ride to his office.

Unbeknown to either individuals, David had altered his chosen path.  Due to this unexpected turn, David arrives at his office to find the adjustment bureau there “adjusting” to the turn of events.  Due to their exposure to a “human,” they are ordered to capture Norris.

After learning of the bureau and their intentions on keeping Elise away from him, David decides to take matter into his own hands and enlisting a member of the bureau for assistance.  For the duration of the film, David fights the “hands of fate” to be with his ballerina and convince her that they’re worth fighting for.

The concept of the film is original and spectacular.  When the film comes to a close, the viewer is left thinking that they may have missed a component but it’s not so.  It does not drag and demonstrates a perfect timeline for the right story.  This is a must see film for everyone.

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