A Documentary or a real fact that we are unaware of or we are aware of, is on board. Directed with great enthusiasm by, Yartrus Bertrand, this documentary is about our planet Earth.

“It is too late to be a pessimist “ as quoted in the movie, reflects the fact that , we the homo sapiens on earth are aware of the worst situation,  currently seeping through borders across the ocean beds and penetrating deeply inside our souls. We know the oncoming danger of species extinction , but yet we are too late to be a pessimist. The world is growing faster and faster and we are just standing there, with a dumb profound face , and observing the devastation of something that is gifted to us.

The concept is simple. It is just about planet earth, how it evolved and what are the various resources available and how we are exploiting it. Taken with immense care, with beautiful narration, this documentary gives soul to the concept.

Narration is just perfect. We get the voice of Glenn Close , beautifully narrating the picture on screen and also deeply modulating the tone when situation worsens or emotion strikes. The narration is as perfect as the direction.

Presentation is awesome. With hard work of over 80,000 people around the globe and efforts put to bring this 90 minute documentary , with great enthusiasm, the camera pans on and on and nicely moves with the on screen narration. Either the landscapes, ice lands, or the beautifully built cities, cinematography deserves an award.

This is an award winning awe-inspiring documentary, that can deeply connect the viewers right from go.  Remember we are all connected and every single viewer is connected and equally sheds emotions at the unbelievable statistics revealed at the end of the movie. “ Please Listen to me”.   Wake up and protect the one that nurtures us and stays with us.

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