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The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015)   This entry has a rating of 2.5

Posted on 31 August 2015 by

 In the 1960s, the spy flick was a trope that was pretty common during this particular decade. Most notably, the James Bond film series, and look how popular that franchise is. However, on television, the spy genre lent itself to many heart-pounding adventures. One series that used the spy genre well on television, and the […]

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Movie Review – “Straight Outta Compton”   This entry has a rating of 3

Posted on 28 August 2015 by

Boyz n the Hood – Many will see the word ‘boyz’ and think it’s just a clever way of saying boys. And while that’s mostly true, it probably would have never stuck around had it not been for the rap group N.W.A. and Eazy E’s debut hit ‘Boyz-n-the-Hood.’ This simple play on words, along with […]

Pixels (2015)   This entry has a rating of 1

Posted on 31 July 2015 by

 Video games have become almost the norm in popular culture. Everywhere one looks, chances are there is a video game being promoted. But the classic games of the past like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong will always be in gamer’s hearts as the one they grew up with. Unfortunately, Hollywood has a reputation of turning popular […]

Picnic (Pikunikku) (1996) Review   This entry has a rating of 4

Posted on 12 July 2015 by

Under the Radar Shunji Iwai is a director that hasn’t received much recognition here in the States. It seems that his movies “Love Letter” and “Hana & Alice” have received more international attention even though most fans of his will tell you that Picnic, Swallowtail Butterfly, and All about Lily Chou Chou are by far […]

Minions (2015)   This entry has a rating of 2.5

Posted on 11 July 2015 by

 In 2010, a brand new animation studio emerged in a way to challenge the big dogs like Disney and Pixar. That was Illumination Entertainment, who stunned audiences with the animated film known as “Despicable Me”. The movie was a huge success, and allowed for the company to expand further into bigger and better animated films. […]

Inside Out (2015)   This entry has a rating of 5

Posted on 20 June 2015 by

 Pixar Animation Studios have always delivered excellent quality in terms of their movies. But recently, their films have not had the same high-quality of storytelling like the studio’s previous efforts. That all changes with Pixar’s latest film “Inside Out”, a movie that pulls in both comedy and drama at the same time. With this movie, […]

Jurassic World (2015)   This entry has a rating of 3

Posted on 18 June 2015 by

 In 1993, the move “Jurassic Park” bases off the book my Michael Crichton of the same name, took the world by storm with its groundbreaking visual effects by emulating dinosaurs to the big screen, and sense of urgency. It became a massive success, and spawned a franchise like any other. However, the sequels were sub-par […]

Jurassic World (2015) Movie Review   This entry has a rating of 3

Posted on 12 June 2015 by

After the last two Jurassic Park sequels, I had to ask myself if we really needed another? I’m not sure if I can still answer that question with a yes. But, it is much better than the last two, that’s for sure. However; once the chaos in the park started I couldn’t help but think, […]

SPY Movie Review   This entry has a rating of 4

Posted on 05 June 2015 by

 After last summer’s Tammy, Melissa McCarthy needed to get her comedy mojo back. Luckily, she partnered up with her Bridesmaids & The Heat Director Paul Feig. I went into the movie hoping all the funny parts weren’t what I had already seen in the trailers. There are actually tons of funny parts not in the […]

Tomorrowland (2015)   This entry has a rating of 2.5

Posted on 25 May 2015 by

 Disneyland is always a place where innovation can be creative. However, trying to make a movie out of an idea from the park and resort, has always been tricky. Sometimes it works (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl), or it fails (The Haunted Mansion). Now we have “Tomorrowland”, a movie encapsulating […]

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Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Review   This entry has a rating of 4

Posted on 15 May 2015 by

Sequels are tricky. Many cave under the pressure of the original, but not Pitch Perfect 2. Elizabeth Banks produced the first, this time she decided to direct the follow-up. Let’s hope she does it again for the next one. There have been rumors 3 is already underway and let’s hope it is if 2 is […]

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Mad Max: Fury Road   This entry has a rating of 4.5

Posted on 14 May 2015 by

I was only two years old when the first Mad Max came out in theaters. I had seen it several years ago, but I watched it again before seeing the new movie. After seeing Fury Road, I can tell you, you don’t have to watch any of the previous movies to enjoy this latest installment. […]

Ex Machina (2015)   This entry has a rating of 4.5

Posted on 30 April 2015 by

 We have come so far in our technology that we have almost created artificial intelligence. So much to the point where we have almost managed to make full conversations with these creations. But what happens when the conversations turn into a relationship that the other party can’t get out from? That’s what happens in “Ex […]


Unfriended (2015)   This entry has a rating of 3

Posted on 20 April 2015 by

 We live in a world where technology pretty is now a part of our daily lives. Case in point, having the ability to communicate through our computers. But what happens when having a conversation with friends on the computer starts to get ugly? By this, a question is asked: can the dead hack into our […]

Into the woods   This entry has a rating of 2.5

Posted on 12 March 2015 by

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Musical Director: Rob Marshall Cast: Anna Kendrick, Meryl Streep, James Corden, Emily Blunt, Daniel Huttlestone, Tracy Ulman,  Johnny Depp, Billy Magnussen, Mackenzie Mauzy, Lilla Crawford, Chris Pine Released: 24/12/2014   The acclaimed stage production about wish fulfilment in fairytales gets the big screen treatment by Rob Marshall. Marshall, no stranger to […]

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Cinderella (2015)   This entry has a rating of 4

Posted on 12 March 2015 by

Critic Chat: CinderellaIn this case the glass slipper fit perfectly. I will admit I went into the movie expecting very little. I left wondering what happened and why did I enjoy it so much. I knew going into it the cast was pretty solid. With Cate Blanchett as the Stepmother, Stellan Skarsgård as the Grand […]

Chappie (2015)   This entry has a rating of 2.5

Posted on 08 March 2015 by

 Artificial intelligence is something which is still up for debate in the real world. Yet, in the world of fiction, like the movies, this concept can be obtainable. This is proven to a bigger potential than with the recent movie “Chappie”. Director Neil Blomkamp proves once more that society has failed to overlook a simple […]

Paddington   This entry has a rating of 3

Posted on 14 February 2015 by

 Once in a while, there comes a family film that does not rely on pop culture or toilet humor to sell itself. This is one of those movies. With “Paddington”, based the character of Paddington Bear by Michael Bond, is one of those rare movies that can entertain both kids and adults alike. There are […]


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